With an 18.3-inch package size, the LSZ’s revolutionary design is up to 8 inches shorter than comparable lift axles, allowing it to fit where no other lift axle can, and providing extra frame rail space for additional equipment. If the LSZ is spec’d on a new truck, it may reduce the truck’s overall wheelbase to provide extra maneuverability to get in and out of the jobsite and other tight spots.

The SuperChamberTM lift device outperforms traditional air springs by providing double the lift speed to protect tire life and improve driver efficiency. This unique design is more durable than competitive lifts. Its strong lift force keeps the axle from bouncing and banging on the chassis, providing more comfort for drivers. The SuperChamber position provides increased protection from road hazards and easier access for servicing.

The angled design of the LSZ air springs improves tracking, stability, tire life, and provides Best in Class ground clearance. And, the LSZ is the only line of lift axles to use premium rolling lobe style air springs, which provide the softest ride possible.

The LSZ has a proprietary kingpin design that dramatically improves maintenance. No drilling, shimming, reaming, or the use of dial indicators is necessary. The axle has been designed to outlive every other lift axle. If knuckle components ever do wear out, they can easily be replaced by removing a single bolt.

“The unique design features of our LSZ Series offers unmatched durability, reliability, and value for our customers,” said Steffen Schewerda, President Americas.